Friday, October 9, 2015

Cajamarca and finding a great retreat

This is Mike...
We entered Cajamarca tired and hungry. We had reservations at a hotel that claimed to have parking but the parking they had was in a lot 2 blocks away from the hotel so we opted to search for another hotel on our own. Cajamarca is a university town, with construction everywhere not to mention loud traffic on the main road where most of the hotels are. We drove just to the west side of town on the main road and found Eden. A quite place call La Hacienda with large North American style rooms and amenities was just what we needed after the long arduous drive today. The staff is wonderful and the rooms range between $35 and $45 a night. That is a great deal for a family traveling through town.
A peaceful location with upfront and secure parking, a great spot for travelers with tons of stuff.

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