Friday, October 9, 2015

Karajia - and getting lost bigtime

This is Mike...
I went to the Sarcophagi of Karajia alone as the kids and Elise were too tired from the long, windy, scary drive to Kuelap the day before. I got lost many times in the myriad of highland dirt roads without any adequate signage or a functioning GPS. To make things worse there was a local holiday which meant none of the usual farmers walking alongside the road were there. Pueblo after pueblo was empty of people, it was actually kind of nerve racking to be lost on the mountain tops. After much frustration and a chance encounter with a grandma playing with her granddaughter who had great directions, I finally made it to Cruzpata. From there, I walked down to the sarcophagi, which by the way, are much further than the 1 kilometer sign suggests. If you are not in tip-top physical shape, or with kids I recommend renting a horse to take you down and up. As for my visit, I enjoy how each pueblo takes ownership of each tourist's interests to make sure all goes well. I have never been around such an egalitarian system of sharing work and profits as here in Peru, even the children make sure you are OK. Sometimes we feel like we are in OZ with all the vibrant colors, scenery and relaxed attitudes of a by-gone era. As for the sarcophagi, you can get as close as about 60 meters away to photograph them. I would not put this in front of visiting Kuelap but if you have extra time to burn why not visit this spot and the wonderful people who make Cruzpata home.

Karajia sarcophagi each roughly 2 meters (6 feet) tall.

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  1. I have mapped intended routes from Google Earth before as a written description at each point of making a decision. . . . only works somewhat because it isn't the same on the ground as Google Earth shows you. A lost feeling but at the end of the day wasn't it great. . . . especially having the whole family with you. Great blogs. . . keep them up.