Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sand dunes

This is Sierra.
    We are in the Sand dunes of Peru, we are staying near an Oasis. The lake is not that full but it is still a pretty view from the sand dunes. Yesterday me and my mom went on a dune buggy to go sand boarding the ride was crazy but a lot of fun when we got to the place we were going to sand board it was really steep so my mom was not so sure about doing it but when ever I got down I was so happy that I really didn't care but at the last minute she came down and she loved it so did I. We went down 3 big sand hills that was probably the best thing on the trip. Today me and my mom walked up a different sand dune. Part way we went on a trail but the rest we just went right up. When we got up there it was an awesome view. I was looking down and wondering how we are going to get down  and then i just went down by running as fast as I could. I am having a lot of fun.


  1. Wow! I never heard of sand boarding. Looks so fun!

  2. Cheap, fun entertainment. I have to try that sometime. Good job on the blog Sierra!

  3. UFOs are commonly sighted in that part of the world. Ask the locals, as I did while visiting there, and they'll tell you what they've experienced.