Friday, October 2, 2015

Pumapungo ruins downtown Cuenca

This is Mike...
Pumapungo ruins in downtown Cuenca are pretty neat but the earliest newcomers used the best stones to build churches our other large buildings in town. I would imagine the ruins would have been even more interesting if the site would have been left alone instead of pillaged. Still, the ruins are easily accessible and as such worth a visit if you are in town anyway. The day we went  the museum was being fumigated so we could not see the  exhibit but the ruins outside were open to the public. The park-like setting of the ruins is nice for a stroll or just to stretch the legs. There was a  mini garden showcasing native crops, a bird sanctuary and a pond area and were all nice spots for the kids to hang out and the parents to relax.
A view of the ruins floor plan

An example of what a dwelling would have looked like.

A view down towards the garden area.

Walking down the path in a zigzag pattern.

Natural lawnmowers at the park

At the pond looking up towards the ruins.

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