Wednesday, October 21, 2015


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A beautiful church on top of the destroyed and most holy Inca Temple pretty much sums it up here. Qurikancha was the temple of the house of the sun and was once adorned with fabulous gold treasures. Today, this holy site is an easy self guided tour through the chambers of the church.  

The grounds of the church.

Inca system of moving water is still in use today.

This was a round pillar at the site, chiseled out of very hard stone.

The stones you see on the walls are far more complex than they would initial appear. This remnant shows how the stones were interlocked.

An excellent example of how the stones were designed to interlock.

Once the other stone slipped into place they were irremovable.

With all of these stones laying around, we all had a lesson on geometry here.

A celestial dial still on display in the yard.

Sad that such masterful creations are on display as little more than flower pot holders.

The Inca walls are incredibly fine works of art.

The church used these walls to build the church upon.

Clean lines.

The walls themselves were often at angles near doorways, further complicating the overall design.

Part of a right angle pipe used to move water to and from important areas

The exterior garden was quite nice.

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