Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Miraflores neighborhood Lima

This is Mike...
We stayed the night in the Miraflores neighborhood of Lima because we had to take Zoe to the emergency room. We generally try to avoid big cities but Zoe had a stomach issue that lingered for 3 days and was not eating so we had to take her in for an exam. She was released without incident and our total cost for the emergency room visit was $59.
Lima is a tale of two cities on one side complete abject poverty, slums, decay and on the other side wealth, options and cleanliness. Miraflores portion of Lima was as classy as any of the finest world cities with a soft ocean breeze to to cool things off. Town was sophisticated and bohemian with an urban quickness about it. I enjoyed Miraflores a lot but Elise on the other hand could not shake the dichotomy of Lima's wealthy and poor suburbs.  It was just too extreme for her.

Crazy driving on the Pan American highway through town

The hospital was first world all the way.

Each section of town had its own parks

Older neighborhoods are so charming and these are 150 meters to the beach.

This place reminded me of Monterrey California

Adorable homes line the streets.

Similar to Pacific Coast Highway in California

Gorgeous condos and affordable, priced in the mid $100K range, with ocean views.

Great sandwich for $3 Coffee was $1.5

Great retirement city

Papa John's at one end and Starbucks at the other. Some of the similarities are striking.

The other of side Lima is impoverished

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