Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Chachapoyas - a cute Andean town

This is Mike...
We arrived in Chachapoyas,_Peru after about a 4 hour drive from Jaen. The town is at an 7600 foot (2240 meters) elevation and is a very clean colonial town with pedestrian friendly streets. There are shops and restaurants of all types here that cater to the visitors and locals alike. One of the reasons we like it here is because it is very affordable for a family to travel here. For example, in each of the last two nights here, we spent around $20 for a complete dinner with drinks for four people. I call that a bargain. Chachapoyas has become sort of a staging ground to visit the archaeological and natural sites in the area. However, saying we are close to the sites of interest is a complete stretch. Many of the wonders in the area are more than an hours drive and some more than two hours drive each way from here. Still, this is a nice base camp and coming home to a classy town after trekking all day has its merits too.   

We are staying at Hotel Revash on the main square in town

Hotel Revash is over 200 years old with plenty of old world charm.

We like the open courtyard feel yet close walk to everything.

The buildings along the main square.

There is a pedestrian friendly section of town with motorized traffic off-limits.

The town is over 7600 foot (2240 meters) elevation so the evenings get chilly

The spring-like temperatures allow anything to grow here.

The main church in town.

The square is a large green space for all to enjoy.

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  1. What an interesting place. I hope I make it there.