Friday, October 2, 2015

Alpaca Addiction

This  is Elise.  I now learned that I could have gotten tomatillos in the market place.  You have to be willing to put the time in to go to different locations here unlike the HEB at home that has everything under one roof.  Cuenca is a very pleasant city and I am very grateful I finally got  a chance to see it.  Tomorrow we are heading south to Peru via Vilacamba.  I have been doing a ton of research on Peru this week as well as working on the logistics for Machu Picchu.  We can't get tickets until Oct 31 so I am glad we are booking the tickets for such a major tourist attraction now. We have also been catching up on some school work with the kids. One of the strange things about long term travel is that we have to do the research and preparation for each leg of the trip as we are on the trip. For instance we are buying warm clothing now in preparation for the mountains of Peru.  It gives me a great excuse to buy more alpaca.  I love alpaca.  It is so warm and soft and comes in so many beautiful colors. So far I have 5 alpaca shawls and 2 blankets. I wonder if they have so many beautiful alpaca products in Peru?
Alpaca is a cameloid, native to South America and similar to llamas and vicunas.  They are sheared like sheep for their soft, silky wool.  I wish I had a picture of one but so far we have only seen llamas.

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