Sunday, March 1, 2015

We made it to Mahahual

This is Mike...
We arrived to Mahahual a couple hours ago and the drive went well. Upon arriving in the new home we noticed the pool was empty, Elise and to a lesser extent the girls were visibly saddened. We asked the caretaker about the pool and he said the sides were recently repainted. That's when we asked can we still add water and when he said yes the girls were all happy again. The thing we have to get used to, is the who cares attitude about accommodations here in Mexico. We booked the home through FLIPKEY and saw all the rooms etc. prior to booking. We did our due diligence so that's why we get upset when the hosts are surprised when we show up. It is as if the hosts are oblivious to what they are doing. Anyways this home is a lot bigger and we will have a pool by night time. All in all, we are happy to be here and like the area a lot. The beach is like a lagoon with one inch waves, truly the best beaches we have seen to date. We ate lunch on the beach and relaxed to Reggae tunes. The greens and blues of the water are extremely vivid and we cannot wait until we can go snorkeling.    


  1. Wow, Mike, the beaches look fabulous. Sure wish I was reading a book under one of the palapas with a cold Corona. Glad everyone is pleased with the house and pool. Is this the place you will stay for a month? Brandon said to check out all the bays as you go south---he has always wanted to fish them....hopefully some day. Are there any other Americans there? I love seeing your pictures. Give Elise and the girls a hug and stay safe. Stephanie

  2. Good morning Stephanie, This is Mike. This is the house were we will stay a month. We plan on driving both north and south on the sandy beach front road. There are a lot of Americans here and the locals speak a ton of english as well. Tell Brandon this place is very well known for bone fish, permit etc. the flats seem to be full of fish per the people we spoke with. The town itself is small with no large supermarket but still has what you need. Have a great day

  3. Glad you made it to the second destination and are happier with your place this time. From all the pics, it looks like you guys are off to a great start and everyone is having a great time. Love y'all!