Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The IRS Sucks

Yesterday was filled with some excitement from the IRS. Many of you know I was a victim of an identity theft last year by someone filing my taxes using my social security info. Well this year they still want me to verify who I am by going to a local IRS office. As of right now I am not planning on returning for a problem they allowed to happen. The government accounting is so poor that they simply give refunds without verifying any data. Therein lies the issue for me and many millions of Americans. We are honest and do the right thing, file taxes every year and on time. Rather than provide some safeguards like a private institution would, the IRS goes by an honor system. Can you imagine a private company like JP Morgan or Apple etc. just forward monies to people for completing a form? If the IRS had a pin code system like every other 21st century business it would eliminate so much of this fraud which ends up costing America so much money, time, and grief. In the end THE I.R.S. SUCKS, that goes without saying. If the IRS wants to open a field office in the jungle, on the beach about 1 mile from me I would go prove my identity, until then the can kiss my ***
By the way this is Mike, at least I think I am?        

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