Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Living like snails on muscle relaxers

this is Mike...
Mahahual is super quiet on non-cruise ship days. There is a port here that can dock up to three cruise ships at a time. This helps stream in the zombies as they go from the "all you can eat buffets" on the ship to the nearest restaurant with cheap beer in town. This is so humorous to watch. Don't get me wrong they are super sweet folks always smiling and very friendly just living the stereotype to the tee. Sleepy villages like Mahahual really need the income from the tourists. In fact, I am everyone's Amigo over here. They all treat me so well up to the point of sale, than I say, "no gracias" and it is as if I disappear. It was so funny yesterday with a guy selling shells, all the grand small talk and then a "no gracias" from me. But that wasn't it, he then went into a trance-like stare so completely removed from his body that I even turned around to see what he was staring at, a capsizing ship? Jaws? a UFO? Something, anything? He simply left his body right before my very eyes. Elise and I spoke about this later and agreed this guy could give the Dalai Lama a run on instant meditation.
   There is a music festival going on for this week at the small baseball field in town. They have bands playing tunes and vendors selling their wares around the perimeter. Last night we estimated about 40 folks gathered in the park to listen to the music about 30 of them were vendors. Not like Austin but still charming. Staying for an extended period is definitely the way to experience this town, we need to let the boredom surround us penetrate us and feel the force. I couldn't let a good Star Wars quote go by when given the chance. Anyways, this place is special because so much of the Riviera Maya is over-developed. This is a little piece of paradise that can remind us of a time not too long ago when we all had time for each other and slowed down to watch the world go by. For now, we are living like snails on muscle relaxers. Nothing wrong with that... I just hope my tongue doesn't swell up from inactivity due to not having conversations with all my great neighbors.

This is the Mahahual Boardwalk looking south (notice the emptiness) please don't notice that I allowed my daughters to ride their bikes with 1970's era bicycle helmets :)

This is the Mahahual Boardwalk looking north (notice the emptiness, this is not a doctored photo, it is legit)

We looked at the full moon above the ocean from the beach loungers. Zoe was so excited she promptly passed out on the lounger and daddy had to carry her home after two stiff Rum drinks. Now that is love 

This boat is just screaming for Brandon Smolik and Will Longenecker to go fishing on. 

Buy a drink and use the pool how could anything be better? I guess if they gave us the drink would be better.


  1. It sounds incredible there! So relaxing!

  2. Hi Amy,
    It has been relaxing with some challenges. I don't know if you read the part of the IRS which sucks. Mexico is definitely more difficult than back home but that is part of the deal. Elise has fun shopping, good thing she is not working as it takes a while to buy groceries. Anyway hope things are going well for y'all. Take care and say hi to Charlie, the kids and your man :)

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