Monday, March 16, 2015

Day two

Sierra and Zoe crossing the river on their first ever ferry boat ride

Loading up a full rig on the ferry is always a hoot

You would have thought we were riding the African Queen on the Congo they were so happy

Under the flag says, "Funded by US Embassy Belmopan" This is a brand new Police truck and  is funded by the Americans. No wonder we don't have the funds necessary for schools back home 
Notice the machete on the ground between our guides legs, just in case there were any critters.

The trees were beautiful fully grown specimens with toucan nest etc.

Taking a leap in the cool river, known for big fish, crabs and other critters 

Good thing they never saw "the creature from the black lagoon"

Enjoying the unspoiled beauty by the river
This is Sierra....              3/15/15
   I was so scared at the boarder it was out in or in out. Finally we got done. It was not that bad after all. I think that Belize is the best so far. On the way to who knows where (not a street name ) we stopped by the Belize zoo. It was awesome, there were a lot of animals to see. We did not get to see some because they were hiding. I didn't get to enjoy so much, my mommy and daddy were rushing.
   Today I crossed a river on a ferry boat for the first time in my life. We had to get out of the car but my dad stayed in so he could drive the car. We went to Spanish lookout it was beautiful no trash and lots of corn fields and horses grazing. We got hunger so we stopped at a fruit stand and got plums and bananas. We ate the there and they were good. Spanish lookout produces most of the food for Belize.
   When we got back home the landlord showed us a cool path to the river thorough the jungle. There were big trees as big as a house around. The river was steep to get down to it. My mommy was so cautious. We finally got down and the river was nice. A lot of animals live in the river like snakes. We took the trail back but Zoe and I were tired so we played trouble. We also played pool on a pool table.

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  1. That river looks so refreshing. It also looks like croc country. Abunai!!!