Monday, March 16, 2015

Can you Belize we are here?

We arrived in Belize after a couple hour drive through Mexico. The Border crossing was pretty uneventful other than being surprised with an exit fee of $25 per person from Mexico. Remembering to travel with some cash in the wallet is the lesson there. The border region of Belize was very 3rd world with no signage, no directions and a big dirty construction zone. It was as if we stepped back in time 20 years, and we all noticed it. Once we bought the mandatory vehicle insurance we were on our way through sugarcane and beach country. After a couple hours into Belize we felt quite good about the decision to leave Mexico early. We stopped by a stand selling wine (in name only). What the guy was really selling was "Hooch, Shine, White-Lightning", by any other name. Of course, Elise and I cannot turn down an industrious young man trying to sell his libations. In an effort to stimulate the local economy, we bought two bottles of Shine; one of Cashew Fruit and the other of East-Indian Blackberry.
We also went to the Belize Zoo which is a must see attraction. After the zoo, we found cool accommodations at the Lower Dover in Unitedville. The folks running this place are also archeologists and they excavate Mayan ruins on their 100 acre property and work with the University of Wisconsin when the send students out to Belize.
All in all, we had a great first day over here and the kids love it as well.

American Crocodile

American Cutie-Pie

Another American Cutie-Pie


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  1. Wow $25/person. That is worse than the Canadian airports. Zoo pics look cool. Is that your rental "hale"? Looks nice and quiet.