Thursday, March 26, 2015

The lowest hammock I ever saw

Zoe kicking back on the hammock she has coined, "the lowest hammock I ever saw." The hammock is about 4 inches off the ground and she laughs at it a lot

The girls made fun of me for taking a hot shower on a hot day which made me sweat and I was already sweating to begin with. They did not think I would post this picture because I am holding a ladies fan to cool off. They are both laughing at me as I am typing this caption.
This is Zoe...(dictated by Zoe typed by Daddy)
It is funny but I am writing this about my dad holding the girl's fan, which was very funny. There is a creek where we are staying now. We went away from the place where my dad was holding the fan. The are lots of sea shells where we are now. We came over to the beach from the forest. We are still in Belize. There are lots of palm trees here and I saw two coconuts at the beach today. I feel like our home is connected to the beach because of the creek. I am not sure what this is, a creek, river, beach, I am not sure. The lowest hammock I ever saw is on the picture above. My butt was touching the ground on the hammock and that was today. I saw two love birds and one just flew away. I don't know where the other one went? They were about to kiss with their cute beaks. I slept on a futon for the first time last night. It was comfortable but Sierra took my doggy pillow and I had to go on the other side of the futon. My dad's eyes are blue and mine are brown, hahahahaha. Can I have a stretching break? Daddy did you really write that? Don't really write that!
The lagoon is really deep. My daddy just told me what it is called. Sierra got scared yesterday about swimming in the lagoon. We really did see something, it was a needle fish. I had a delicious lunch with eggs, milky icky cheese and cinnamon toast. I did not eat the cheese but took a bite of it and know it is yucky. There is a lady selling carrot bread in the front yard now. I gotta go. I like carrot bread a lot lot lot!   


  1. must be goood! Are you 240? Or 250lbs? Lol. You look like a geisha doll. Monkey shine monkey shine. Lol. Belize looks beautiful. Suzuks

  2. Tell Zoe we just hung a hammock in our back yard, so if you make it back here, we can hang it really low for her and she can pretend she's in Belize. :-) And by the way, having a lady who sells carrot bread in your front yard - AWESOME!