Thursday, March 5, 2015

The X town

 Driving on a sandy beach road
 The beach is really nice even with the sea weed and we stopped a few times to enjoy
 The road abruptly ended where the bridge is gone (super dangerous and no advanced warning)
 A 15 foot drop can put a fear of god in you
 We were wondering what where they thinking at this point
 Otherwise the river is quite beautiful and placid if it weren't for the death drop
 We ate lunch at Rudy's for lunch and enjoyed the food and views of the sea weed in the bay
I had to take a picture of the bathroom door from the inside looking out. Notice the 12 inch gap near the floor :)

Driving to Xcalak is an adventure and that is an understatement. Xcalak is the last fishing village before Belize. There are two roads to the small town, one a sandy beach and jungle road and one paved road. They both run parallel to the town from Mahahual so we obviously chose the scenic route. The drive was beautiful and reminded us why we are doing this trip. The unique birds and feeling of isolation was great. We were driving on the sandy road about 25 MPH just enjoying the views and then all of the sudden the road ended where a bridge once stood. No joke, the bridge was destroyed and there was no advanced warning of the hazard. Moreover, the drop was at least 15 feet into a river below. Elise, the kids and I marveled at the beautiful river but scratched our heads why the road just dropped and no notice was given. This is one of the many reasons not to drive on Mexican roads at night. They are simply too unpredictable for safe driving. Anyways we had to back up a couple hundred yards to turn around and we eventually made it to Xcalak. This little town has quite a few North Americans enjoying the winters by fishing the time away. This is the fishing village of lore. The town does not have much else going for it. There isn't a gas station or a grocery store but there are a couple small hotels and a couple mom and pop restaurants. The whole place caters to fishing, diving, and snorkeling as it is part of a national park. I have to say that any fisherman should look into this place but leave their spouses, girlfriends or kids behind.         

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