Monday, March 30, 2015

The otherside worth mentioning

This is Mike...
   The Caribbean has a lot of beautiful places but also has it's share of spoiled places. Trash that washes out of storm drains in the US, Mexico, Cuba or where ever, floats until it hits a beach. We have been to several areas in the Caribbean prior to this trip and the scenario is always the same. The local shop owner's pay cleaning crews to bury the debris and sometimes, though rarely, haul it away. This too is the image of paradise, paradise lost, that is. The shear quantity of plastics floating in the ocean is unfathomably large. Worse yet, is the glass and yes broken glass, that can strewn a beautiful tropical beach. I cannot help but think about the LORAX and how he must be shaking his head in disbelief at us and our poor stewardship of this precious world. The girls and I try to clean up trash when we see it but it is like digging out of an avalanche with 4 spoons.
   The natural setting is also being hit by the cruise ships and boats opening their sewage tanks at sea and having the material set off algal blooms and that algae hurts the reefs and sometimes making people sick with open sores. I am writing this because we don't want anyone to think we only see half full glasses and roses everywhere. There is another side to all this but we don't choose to focus on it because we all need a little more beauty and happiness in our lives. Life is not easy, no matter where we are. Sometimes life can be a struggle but that is not what motivates us. A better tomorrow is what motivates us. We believe that if enough people see the other side of paradise maybe we can fix the wrongs. I just hope it does not take too long because the animals are literally choking to death on our junk.
   On a different note, things are getting tight from time to time. Each new accommodation presents new challenges like different noises, minimal lighting, bugs etc. We have had plumbing issues, rain coming in through the ceiling issues and bugs flying through torn screen issues. There is also Elise's favorite, lack of privacy in the bathroom issues. It can be hard from time to time but these are small on the grand scheme of things. Actually, truth be told, I am amazed how we are taking things in great stride. Also, for the record, we are not bottom fishing on places to stay, we are renting nice places at least from VRBO and Trip Adviser's perspective. The standards of construction are just different and as such these issues can arise.
   Elise and I were discussing the near term itinerary for this trip and keep coming up with no plans. We are now finally slipping into the travel zone and just looking at the next steps in bite sized chunks. We will be in Belize until April 9th and after that go on to Guatemala. We are hoping for cool sights and cultures in Guatemala. We are looking at enrolling ourselves in Spanish schools and do some charity work over there as well. Beyond that all we can say is AYE AYE AYE!      

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  1. I so enjoy these little mental snapshots from your journey. It's fun to see your process and get to experience it vicariously.
    Peace to the Stocks.