Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Chocolate the old school way

After grinding the cacao beans to a paste, the girls added hot water to make a gritty and very bitter 100% cacao drink. We did add honey and raw sugar later to make it sweeter and more enjoyable. The kids worked on their "drink of the gods" with incredible attention and detail.
Sierra is grinding the cacao beans with a traditional stone. The stone has a rough side which the Mayans carved grooves into for added grip to help pulverize the beans. The stone also has a smooth side which was used at the end stages when the cacao turns to a paste.

Zoe working on the cacao beans with much focus

Sierra is trying to keep the beans in the center so they don't fall off the grind stone

The Mayan lady explained how important the role off cacao was to the Native Americans and was used as currency in the post classic period. The Native Americans called the liquid chocolate "the drink of the gods" and was mainly used by the spiritual leaders and royal courts for various rituals. This chocolate did not have any milk in it, as such, did not melt as easily as our chocolates. Also, the chocolate was a bit gritty in addition to the bitterness. The biggest surprise was how this pure chocolate actually gave us he sensation of being full after just a little bit of it. Imagine not only being satisfied from the chocolate high but it also working as an appetite suppressant. There is a lot we think we know about food but a true gap remains regarding the benefits of pure super food.  There is more to chocolate than a Hershey bar, a lot more.


  1. The boys and I are loving your travel log. This is my third time trying to make a comment. So I won't write much. Love you guys. Party on.

  2. Hey it actually worked!!!! Now that I have it figured it, I can write more often.
    Looks beautiful. Breathe it in.

  3. I love that you have combined chocolate and education! You're my hero!

  4. I love that you have combined chocolate and education! You're my hero!