Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The worst bug bite ever

Zoe's foot, an image that Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble would be proud of

Dictated by Zoe, typed by daddy 
I got the worst bug bite ever, it was on my foot. I had to put itchy cream on it. After that my dad got some coffee. My shoes were very sticky. I went with my dad so he could get the coffee. My mom and sister were still asleep. There are chickens. There is a white goose that hisses at you. The white goose has two ducks with him all the time. One of the ducks has a ladies hairstyle. I like trying to chase the birds. The white goose chased at me but I had to chase him back to stop him. He is a boy goose. My foot itches a lot so does my elbow. I found a stick and keep on jumping with it. I like sleeping with Sierra because she is warm. I kick Sierra a lot in bed. I don't mean to but I just do.I brush my teeth better than I used to. Sierra acted like mommy and wore her bra. I like listening to the cocka-doodle-doo in the morning. I just heard a cocka-doodle-doo while I was writing this. There is a goat and I speak to it a lot. I like to copy the chickens words, they understand me and they talk back. I like to swim in the creek. When I was swimming in the river Sierra got scared because she thought there was snakes. But there are only snakes at night. Daddy I smell your sweat. You stink daddy. Please take a shower...    

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  1. I love the duck with a lady's hairstyle. I'm going to use that line in a kids' book one day! XOXOXO