Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bora Bora? Nope Lago Bacalar

Lake Bacalar is also know as the lake of 7 colors

Had fun swimming in the fresh water which was very refreshing

The lake was truly beautiful

The homes built up the the lake and some over the water on stilts

We hung out over here near the slides for the girls

This is Zoe... dictated by Zoe and typed by daddy. I wish I could type the non verbals, too cute :)
 Hmmm, yesterday I went to a lake, there was 7 or 6 colors in the lake. Ahhh what should I write? You could find lots of sea shells on the ground. There were water slides. I went on the smallest one. The bigger ones were broken. I found sea shells. The sides of the lake were slippery. I bought a stuffed animal, it was a peacock. Sierra bought a cat. I jumped in the water. Sierra slipped on the side of the lake and she got a bruise. I went shopping with mommy and daddy and Sierra. It was rough, the water. Huh, I miss Taylor and Henry and Ciela and Natalia and Gianna, Phoebe and Lucy Shell. That's all. I feel like I wrote too much. I miss all my friends, OK. I have a bug bite in my ear.



  1. Loved hearing from Zoe! Tell her we miss her too!

  2. That is too cute! Please tell Zoe that Gianna misses her SOOOOOOO much! She found Zoe's giant pink pen at our house and she said she will keep it in safe keeping until y'all get back! ;)