Thursday, March 19, 2015

San Ignacio area western Belize

Avana Villa is a wonderful off the grid property we would highly recommend near San Ignacio

Blue Hole, A popular attraction that is probably way over rated

We are entering Barton Creek Cave by kayak at Mike's Place

The welcome area at Barton Creek Caves, Truly a low key easy feeling place
The view down toward the pool at Avana Villa. The hill in the background is Guatemala

Driving through an 80 foot wide river with a 4x4 is like cake walk, though slippery on the rocks

The girls are so eager to get on the kayak that they are telling daddy to hurry up with the Photos

Floating on the water in a cave with bats, stalactites, ancient clay pots and with human remains was too awesome to describe and is such a great family experience  

Perfectly said


  1. Perfect quote for your travels! So glad y'all are having fun - and you even found a Barton Creek to pay homage to your homies in Austin. Loving all the pics! The villa looks beautiful - is that where you are staying? How long will you be in Belize?

  2. I just found out about you guys in the Four Points News. We also live in Steiner and kids go to SRE. LOVE what you are doing and am inspired to do the same. If you haven't already, I'd love a blog post about the ins and outs of dealing with school... not so much homeschooling, but, what does the district / state require of you guys? How do you prove, when it's time to re-enroll, that the kids are at the grade level they should be at. Also, how are you paying for all this? Do you work from the road at all, or is it all savings? Thanks for sharing your adventures!!

  3. Also, did you sell your house or are you renting it out? Is the intention to return to your old life / house / school in Steiner?