Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's like Groundhog Day

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You know something is up, when you want to do this each morning to the same beach vendors that act as if they never saw you a day in their lives. For the record, we truly stand out like sore thumbs, nearly impossible to mix us up and not notice.
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You know something is up when you can finish a total stranger's conversation over and over.
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You know something is up when getting out of bed and all you ask is, are we going to swim, bike, eat or eat, bike, swim?  

This is Mike...
We are slowly losing our perception. Maybe our neurons are being swept into the sea with the low tide never to return? Or maybe we just need a bit more stimuli? Thankfully, we have decided it was the later and have decided to leave the beach for a while and head to the Belizian Highlands for a change of scenery. On Sunday, we will head out after 3 weeks on the beach. We had tons of fun but the girls want to see different things. I am happy that we decided as a family to leave when the time was right, rather than waiting for one of us to lose it.

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An example of losing it. (Do not attempt this as home, used as a visual aid only)

 We have made some observations during our time on the beach:
  1. Elise and I, are far too buoyant in the ocean.
  2. When kids accidentally swallow salt water they sound like cats trying to remove a hair ball.
  3. Never order a Jugo de Pinas (pineapple juice) in front of a 6 year old. Zoe immediate laughed and loudly said, "My daddy said penis!" at the dinner table. (true story)
  4. The cheaper the beer the more I drink (also a true story)
  5. Don't mess with your child's view of reality. Sierra and Zoe found a shell which Zoe thought was a Shark's tooth. I said it looks like a vampire tooth. My daughter's looked me square in the eyes and said, "vampires aren't real!" Then they promptly turned their backs on me and continued playing Beach Fairies with powers. (I guess I am not as hip to them as I thought). 
  6. Finally, making kids fish used paper out of a toilet one time can immediately change their behavior. Funny how that works.    
 We are not sure what the the internet connectivity in Belize will be. Regarding reception, we have heard everything from very bad to they are still strapping notes onto pigeon legs. We will be in Mexico for the next few days, deciding on very important matters like; beach, eat, bike or bike, eat, beach? Viva el dia de Groundhog :)           


  1. Tired of the beach? Lol. You guys have a lot of beach left until Argentina. Check out the Mayan ruins. Is it safe to go there?

  2. Love all the observations! I hope you got pineapple juice and not penis juice when you ordered your drink! ;-) And, buoyancy in the ocean is a good thing!

    Enjoy Belize! I bet you'll make friends with some monkeys and add another possible activity to your daily Groundhog list. Love y'all!

  3. Dear Sierra, Zoe, Mike and Elise,
    This is Phoebe. I'm having a great time on Spring Break and getting to play a lot of Minecraft. I have a really good world - I have one golden block. I hope y'all are having a great time on your trip. When you get back, I will have a awesome roller coaster built in my world for y'all to ride. I miss you guys. Love, Phoebe