Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chance encounters

Canal boogie boarding

Canal view

Doing the sunset ritual

This is Mike...
   We arrived in Placencia yesterday evening after a 4 hour drive on the hummingbird highway, south to the ocean. Placencia is at the end of a long peninsula with a lagoon on one side and the ocean on the other. The peninsula is so skinny in a few parts, that it is barely a hundred feet wide. We are staying at a home with a couple condo units on the ground floor on the lagoon side of the peninsula. Placencia is a cute little village with a lot of young families similar to what we used to have in Austin. In fact, last night we got a deluxe tour of the boardwalk by a squad of little girls. Sierra and Zoe were amazed to see the other kids. The squad was made up of two Italian girls and two Norwegian girls and two north American girls also Zoe and Sierra. All the kids were of similar age and spoke perfect English and were very friendly. Also Across the canal from us is another house filled with kids from Colorado. Our hope is that our kids can relax and unwind a bit with the kids as they surely deserve it.
   To date, our kids have been superb travelers. They are flexible and understand that each day unfolds rather than us planning it. Don't postpone travels because of kids, rather start traveling because of them. Kids see the world in such different ways, as such can teach us old farts so much. They are not bogged down by politics, language, etc. they are just looking for the next cool experience. Also, their cool experiences are not necessarily expensive. They have created bouquets of wildflowers for a mock weddings, tried to draw the horizon with crayons, play pretend games without end, and so on.
   Two days ago I met someone that reminded me of Kyle Anderson. The guy was a Guatemalan and spoke perfect English. He spoke of his family and how he tries to spend the most time possible with them. He said, when he leaves the house in the morning he only thinks about how soon he can go home. It was so awesome because Kyle said almost the exact same thing to me six months ago. It is strange how a chance meeting can stir up memories. Maybe it is that easy! Maybe meeting other people and seeing the similarities between us is the point. Acknowledging that we are each unique but not special will be a challenge to both live and teach my kids.
   Here is to chance encounters and the wisdom they can provide                   

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