Saturday, May 2, 2015

Leaving Antigua

We left Antigua after a couple of weeks of Spanish school under our belts. We had fun in Antigua but the poor air quality left us desiring cleaner air in a big way. Our walk to school was a half of a block from our condo. The proximity of the school was very nice especially when we were running out the door back packs in hand. We were all good estudiantes and punctual "most of the time."   

We had a typical Guatemalan dish delivered to our condo for dinner. We all loved the food, I had to take a picture of it because it was a full spread of deliciousness.

We had Zoe's hair cut before leaving Antigua and regretted it.

This is us saying goodbye to our teachers. They were all very nice people, down to the bone good folks!

This is what we mean by a suicide shower. Notice the 120 volt electrical wires attached to the shower head!

Zoe got the worst hair cut ever. Notice the unevenness! We were pretty ticked off and had to re-cut her hair ourselves.  

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