Thursday, May 14, 2015


Elise and I were sitting upstairs discussing some of the travel itinerary and smelled some smoke. I said to Elise, "This is the first time in Nicaragua that we can smell something burning." Elise concurred and we went on talking for a minute or so. That is when Elise looked out our bedroom window and said, "The electrical pole is on fire." At that moment we screamed outside our window to the people below, "Fuego! Fuego alla! Cuidado!" The people down below, on the street, already knew what was going on and pointed at their cell phones indicating the authorities have been called. We felt like such dorks and laughed at how alert we were. Shortly thereafter, the volunteer fire department came and the fire was eventually put out, after several tries. The electrical and cable went out for then entire neighborhood but by 2 in the morning a new pole was put up and electricity was restored. It was quite an exciting night for the block to say the least.   

The volunteer and regular fire departments showed up to put out the electrical fire

The girls looking out the bedroom window at all the action below. The girls were in our swimming pool when all the excitement broke out. 

It is always good to see help arrive when you need it

The fire eventually burned through most of the pole and made the situation of replacing the pole the highest priority for the electrical department.

The fire was not easy to put out and would constantly restart with the breezes from the lake.

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