Saturday, May 2, 2015

San Luis Toliman, lake Atitlan

This is Mike...
Lake Atitlan is such a beautiful place. The topography alone makes it so unique, even amongst other Central American lakes. The Mayans also proudly display their cultural heritage with the clothing they wear. This is what makes Guatemala such an amazing place even after accounting for the immense corruption. Lake Atitlan is ringed by several active volcanoes which can be a little unsettling when you think about it and where we are relative to the volcanoes. The roads going into Atitlan are so steep that our brakes over heated and failed. I had to pull over and let them cool off before driving further. To say we were frightened by this is an understatement. We have never seen any roads like this in any country to date.   

This is looking down from the highway above. We were higher than helicopters and it was a white knuckle drive. Elise is afraid of heights, so she was nervous for the majority of the drive. Truthfully, we were all nervous until we finally got to the bottom of the volcano in one piece.

In the morning, we noticed two volcanoes belching steam from their vents.

A local gentleman in a wood carved boat, a rare site in this fast paced world.

The coast line for lake Atitlan

The lunchtime view from our restaurant at San Luis Toliman, on lake Atitlan

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