Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Granada feels so Tuscan

We like Granada a bunch and are finding things to keep us busy. This place does not feel like a third world country. In fact, Elise and I remark how nice the people are everyday. This is a very special place and it is good to see the local government doing so much to preserve the heritage here.

We love relaxing in our indoor pool at our home. It keeps us cool in these warm summer days.

No joke, taking a horse drawn carriage ride is a major way for locals and tourists to get around town. It is so different than Antigua with their dirty chicken buses and tuk tuks evrywhere.

Walking through the pedestrian zones in Granada at night is a lot of fun. Many of the grand colonial estates have been converted to hotels like this one above.

Having a bite to eat at a cafe in the pedestrian only zone makes eating so much more enjoyable.

The eclectic vibes come alive at night with street shows, like this fire dancer, that spontaneously happens.

There is usually a pleasant breeze coming off lake Nicaragua which cools the city down at night.

Sun setting over the town makes having a cocktail all the more fun. Food and drink in Granada is still very cheap, like bottles of beer for $1, spectacular Mojitos for $1.50 and dinner plates for $6 

The courtyard is a typical feature in colonial houses

I liked the roof lines on this church which was at the end of the pedestrian section of town.

Mausoleums are common in Granada

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