Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dancing in the rain

Having a blank slate can be a blessing but can be daunting as well. We can drive east or south or not at all, we are free. When I was at my office years ago, I would catch myself staring, day dreaming of something better. Now that we are here it can be tough staring into the constant newness. Also the avoidable situation Guatemala is in as a country. Corruption, from the top down, affects every aspect of life for the citizens here. Our interactions with the regular Guatemalans has been nothing but awesome and is why we are doubly upset at their government. Imagine having a lovely dinner overlooking a lake with the people you love talking about things that matter to you, oblivious to the world. Then a little boy, 8 or 9 years young, comes to the table asking for a little money. That boy had severe facial deformities and was doing what he could to make a living. We were moved to his situation but also felt guilty of how well we have it. The next morning we were strolling to the nearby bakery and saw a mother without legs trying to cross the street using a piece of carpet under her crotch to move without ruining her clothes. Of course, we were moved to help her as best any passing person can. These people and the many others we have seen are not wretches, they are people with souls like you and I. The fact the needy are left to their own devices speaks of the immense greed of the Guatemalan government. This place is not poor, it is mismanaged.
There are some things we cannot change no matter how inspired we are. As tough as it is, at times, we need to pull our boot straps up and move forward. If anything, this trip has taught us how to dance in the rain, not between the drops.          

The colorless shanty towns of poverty

At least 15, but maybe 20 people packed of this Toyota truck on the highway around lake Atitlan. 

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