Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fruit lady

This is Elise. I have to tell you about the fruit lady. There are people who come by and sell us stuff we need right at our front door. Houses here have iron  grates you can leave locked as you open the front door for a breeze. People come by selling fruit, baked goods, and 5 gallon bottles of purified water. Hardly anyone has a car here so it's a great service.  Yesterday a lady comes up yelling " mangos papayas piñas!" " mangos maduro? Listo para comer?" I ask. Sì sì. She was telling me something else I didn't understand. She was carrying the fruit in a big basket on her head. She got the neighbor man to help her get the basket off her head. She had 5 pineapples, giant papayas, mangos, avocados, oranges and other fruit in this basket. Mike had to help her put it back on her head. He said it must have weighed 80 pounds. She walks around town with a basket on her head that is so heavy she can't even lift it up and down herself without help from a man. She wasn't even asking me to help. It's that heavy. She asked the men. She had her little boy with her and he had made a kite from a plastic grocery bag.  I am still amazed with her.

We never knew how heavy the load she was carrying until Mike helped her load it back up.

We tried to buy as much fruit as we could to lessen her load. We are currently looking to buy her a push cart so she does not have to carry this anymore. She cannot get this basket up or down without assistance from another person. She is too sweet to have to carry this load alone.
The no haggle pricing :) Each one of us like this lady very much and want to see her load reduced.

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  1. I hope you find a cart for the fruit lady. If not, tell Uncle Mike to build one.