Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Santo Domingo, Antigua

The aqueduct is still in use today even though many of the buildings collapsed around them during the countless earth quakes that rattled Antigua.

The breathtaking surroundings of what was once a massive monastery complex in the heart of Antigua. The complex covers several acres and was a renowned site for Catholics during its heyday  

This massive ceremonial ceramic sculpture is at least one thousand years old. We could not help but to marvel about its size and remarkable resemblance to east Asian art. The Mayan artisans were highly skilled and much more advanced than modern science acknowledges 

The view of what is left in the main cathedral. A high profile wedding was conducted prior to our arrival.

The weather here is very nice even though the air quality is not. Antigua is known for their verdant gardens and incredibly mild climate.   
We had an amazing day strolling the grounds of Santo Domingo. The traffic and world outside disappeared within the serene complex. The are a variety of reasons that make this spot such a special site. For starters there is a nice collection of ancient Mayan art from the area. Modern art is also on display giving the gallery an urban feel as well. After the art displays we visited a colonial era collection of household goods set in a reconstructed home. The whole place felt perfectly laid out from top to bottom. One of the most amazing aspects of the visit was visiting the crypts beneath the church. Since the whole complex is self guided seeing the skeletal remains alone, in a dark cavern, was chilling. The kids did amazingly well considering they were looking at human skeletons for their first time. To finish off the experience, there was an amazing restaurant and high end hotel flaking the property which made it feel like a resort. This was a great family experience and would recommend Santo Domingo to anyone.        

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