Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Monterico and the smallest ferry boat ever

This is Mike...
We left the Guatemalan highlands for the beaches of Monterico, on the Pacific coast. The drive was pleasant enough once we were on the Pacific slope. I cannot reiterate enough about how the steep grades combined with unimaginable vehicles became more of a hassle than it was worth. We made a decision to go to the coast and be by the ocean again. Our goal was to recharge our batteries and let the kids be kids. When we arrived in Monterico the waves were gigantic. We are talking 10 to 15 foot shore breaks with steep sand embankments. The sounds of the crashing waves was incredible and they even shook the hotel room where we stayed. We had a good time swimming in the hotel pool, but it just was not the same. We will be going on further south to see if the waves mellow out a bit.   

Elise was taking a well-timed photo of Zoe with the 10 shore breaks behind her.

The ferry boat was barely wider than our SUV. Once we took off, we were incredibly nervous about tipping over. The boat had barely 10 inches of topside clearance before taking on water. 

The Marshland and Mangrove we pass through by ferry were quite nice. The journey was at least 5 miles by boat.

A view looking down on the SUV to prove how skinny this boat was on the ride

The oncoming ferry created wakes that entered our boat. We were very scared at this point and even plotted how to abandon ship with important papers and the kids. The other ferry was much higher off the water than our ferry because of the weight differential and is probably the reason they were going fast.

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