Wednesday, May 6, 2015

El Cuco

Elise here. I feel like I should mention some the positives here in El Cuco since my last post was negative. The ocean water is really warm. The beach is wide and pretty. It is not unpleasantly hot the way we were told it would be. ( we are accustomed to intense heat after 8 years of Texas summers)
It is not touristy or crowded. It is just hard for me to be positive when our room is so small and dirty. I am just looking at it as camping.
I thought about my fears and "feeling safe".  Just because a person feels safe doesn't mean they are. I could be worried about our safety all day here but there is nothing I can do anyway so I should just try to relax and enjoy myself. The same holds true in Austin as well. Driving on 620 was starting to scare me. Being scared and fretful doesn't make it any safer.  So stop worrying and enjoy.  Maybe that is what I need to learn from this trip.

Fisherman coming in from an early morning excursion and the frigate birds looking for a snack.

The people we have met in El Salvador have been really nice so far.

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