Friday, May 29, 2015

Refugio de Vida Silvestre la Flor

Refugio de Vida Silvestre la Flor is a national park near the far south west border with Costa Rica. This remote spot is a major turtle nesting area which means it is still pristine and natural. Driving out here was easy enough with four wheel drive but during the rainy season I could see it being a real challenge crossing the creeks. As is typical for most of our outdoor adventures we were either alone our very few people around. The solitude gives the beach or forest experiences a whole new feeling. In the beginning of our trip, we were spooked out to be alone but over the months we have grown accustom to being around few people in the parks. In two days we will be going to Costa Rica for a couple weeks and will return to Nicaragua in Mid June. Ultimately, we are hoping to be around one of the turtle beaches in July (so we can watch the turtle nesting first hand).   

Our lone vehicle on the beach is a common sight for us

One of the local families had a pet monkey on a 4 foot leash. We felt really bad for the Monkey.

This is not photo shopped it really is this desolate here.

I am now a clean shaven man.

There is only one surfer, out in the water, enjoying one glassy wave after another.

Sunset view, in San Juan del Sur, from our restaurant on the beach.

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