Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pena Rota tide pools

This is Mike...
Today was an awesome day! We leisured around in the morning and went to Pena Rota, for the tide pools during midday and finished off in San Juan del Sur bay, in the afternoon. The girls loved the tide pools and Sierra said it was her best experience yet. Sierra liked bathing in her own private pool during low tide. Zoe mostly caught critters in the small pools and let them go in bigger pools. While Sierra luxuriated Zoe caught the smallest hermit crab I ever saw. It was the size of a spec of black pepper, no joke.
After the tide pools we went to the bay and back to civilization. The girls were riding their boogie boards in about 3 feet of water and Elise and I noticed fish jumping close to the girls. When we examined the action a little closer they weren't fish jumping, they were baby manta rays jumping out of the water. We went out further to get in the middle of the school and one swam into Sierra's leg and she screamed with excitement and fear. There must have been a hundred baby manta rays out in the waves in small grouplets of between 4 and 8 individuals. You could see them as clear as day, swimming near the surface water, and every now and again a few would catch a wave and you could watch those little suckers surf. It was an awesome experience and we will try to go there again in the morning with a camera to see if we can catch them again. We were all thrilled with the experiences the sea shared with us today.

Pena Rota at low tide is a kid's wonderland

This is a little bay with many tide pools, it was good to see such a healthy ecosystem here.

For all my Hawaiian buddies the point had a lot of silver dollar sized Opihi on the rocks.

Zoe celebrating the safe return of her captured sea animals to larger pools.

Sierra laying out in a tide pool, she even made arm rests to fully capture the relaxation. 

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