Saturday, May 2, 2015

Shopping Mayan Style

This is Mike..
The girls love shopping in all of the local markets. For me, I find it boring for the most part but every now and then I get a good chuckle. Tonight the girls got the full Mayan treatment at the bazaar. We had a blast and stayed for a long while. Somehow, I ended up buying a cool shirt in the process. We all played dress up and I have to say it was fun. We were given gifts, imagine that! It was quite an experience, I hope the girls remember this as it was truly unique. We all spoke broken Spanish, they with Mayan and us with English but found a way to make it work and laughed a lot.

Sierra getting the true Mayan fashion treatment from very sweet Mayan ladies

Zoe looked great in her outfit and played her Mayan of a maiden role very well

The finished product, Spectacular!

The Three Musketeers at the town fountain, in San Luis Toliman. Notice my new Mayan shirt.

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