Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Circus comes to Granada

This is Elise.  I had low expectations for our circus adventure and I was still disappointed.  Mostly, it was sad.  The animals didn't look healthy and couldn't perform the simplest tricks that they were supposed to do.  The costumes were homemade and threadbare. The performances were unexciting and typical of what you could see on most streets for free.
   I had spent some time on-line trying to figure out the schedule for the circus, to no avail.  I could see the tent and even saw an elephant on the back of a truck.  The circus had a Facebook page but no schedule available on-line.  I wanted to do a price comparison of  tickets and so searched circus ticket prices for Ringling Bros in the States.  Within two minutes I had prices and show times for major US cities.  Prices started at $15 a person, up to $70--in a big auditorium.  Here prices started at 50 Cordoba and went up to 150 Cordoba. ($2 to $5)  So, at home, I would've spent a lot more and had to pay for parking and fight traffic and sit in nosebleed seats. However, I would have seen a spectacular performance.  Here, no traffic, easy parking, cheap, and front row seats, but poor show.
   The only reason we even made it to the show was that Zoe's friend's mom called at 5:30pm and said, "It starts at 6.  Let's go."  We got there at 6.  The schedule on the tent said, the shows were at 5:30 and 7:30.  The show really started at 6:30 and got out at 8pm.  We ended up getting there at the perfect time. When we left at 8:10pm there was a long line outside for the 7:30 show. So much for punctuality. 

The ticket booth.

a man doing handstands

In Mexico circus acts involving animals have been outlawed caption

Elephant doing tricks

I don't have words for this performance involving a large mechanical gorilla and two kids.  
The girls on an elephant.

The girls with a baby tiger.

The trapeze act, even the kids weren't impressed.

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