Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Laguna de Apoyo on a sunny day

   Here is to girl power, and to my free spirited, free-diving daughters, who can now swim to depths of 4 to 6 meters deep (12 to 20 feet). Words cannot express how magical it is to see my little mermaids glide through the water. My body fat is such, that I am positively buoyant anymore, and no longer can achieve these depths without weights. My 8 and 10 year old daughters constantly remind my wife and I, why our choice to leave the U.S. for more untamed pastures was indeed the best decision we ever made. Elise's friend Lia came out for a quick visit to Nicaragua so we opted to relax at Laguna de Apoyo. My kiddos just adore Lia and wish she lived closer.
    Laguna de Apoyo is a special reserve where powerboats are not allowed and has crystal clear water with incredible visibility. The many tropical birds and monkeys provide stimulation in case one does too much thinking about nonsensical issues.

Underwater ballet

Kids like staying close to mom.

Friends catching up on life.

The water temperature is just perfect in the lake.

Arriving to the resort.

Overlooking the lake.

Expansive views.

Zoe is a wonderful diver.

The girls like the calmness and serenity under water.

The girls have always enjoyed swimming.

Watching the "Little Mermaid" inspired our girls when they were much younger.

Tranquil stay at the resort.

As Sierra is demonstrating, underwater visibility is amazing in this pristine lake.

The fish in this lake are only minnow sized so swimming is safe.

I enjoyed diving with my daughter.

The girls stick together as a team to support each other.

Lia enjoyed the quietude of the crate lake.

Zoe swam up to me and grabbed the camera so she could take her own shots.

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