Thursday, October 13, 2016

Checking out Rancho Santana and beaches

After going to Costa Rica to renew our visas for another 90 days, we decided to venture to new areas of Nicaragua that we had not seen before. We decided to check out the Rancho Santana area of Nicaragua including some of the beach communities. Rancho Santana is a master planned community, not really our thing, but the location and buildings are stunning so it was worth the visit. Suites in the hotel start at $325 plus taxes a night and Villas start at $225 plus taxes but the villas have a two day minimum. Food and bar drinks are commiserate with any city in the US and prices reflect those standards. Seeing a perfect, neatly manicured place was nice but the prices were too steep for us so we happily went home to gritty Granada and the real world.  

Playa Gigante was just wonderful and reminiscent of many Central American beach communities. 

Veranda overlooking the Rancho Santana subdivision.

Breeze filled walkway overlooking the ocean.

I just loved the construction of this place.

Kids having fun near the hotel.

View from the suite.

The suites were large, modern and on-par with luxury resorts in the US.

The pool overlooking the ocean. 

Well manicured garden on the hotel grounds.

A country store or la tienda was just outside the hotel.

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