Saturday, October 29, 2016

The school's annual Halloween party

Here are some images of the school's annual Halloween party. As you will see below, it is similar in many ways to North America. However, celebrating Halloween in Nicaragua isn't wildly popular like other parts of the world, never-the-less it is becoming more popular year over year. We walked over to Hotel Jardin, since it is maybe 300 meters away from our home. As we walked through the neighborhood about 15 boys, all under the age of 11, stopped playing soccer and shouted, "La Bruja! La Bruja!" (Witch!Witch!) from the top of their lungs.  The mothers of the neighborhood poked their heads out of their humble homes to see what all the commotion was, only to see my daughters walking by. The moms, of course, loved Sierra and Zoe's outfits, and enjoyed a little something special while in the midst of prepping their dinners. Once at Hotel Jardin the kids were set free to run around, eat candy, cake, and dinner (though not much actual dinner was consumed). The kids all seemed to have had fun and the parents felt pretty good about the party. It was a win-win situation for all who attended.

Zoe and Sierra prior to leaving the house for the party.

Zoe "la Bruja" smiling at the boys, almost egging them on with her powers.

All the parents were mingling together throughout the evening.

Some really nice face painting for the teachers.

It was nice to see everyone dressed up for the evening.

Cute outfits.

Gypsies, Vampires and Witches, oh my.

Happy kids.

Even the first grade teacher looked spooky.

The kids chased each other through the hotel's bushes.

The parents kept vigilance over the kids.

Under the palapa for the evening's festivities.

 Crazy looking zombies.

Witches were popular at the party.

Parents and kids alike had fun.

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