Monday, October 31, 2016

Little Corn island for the day

We decided to go to Little Corn island and check out the action, or lack of it, for the day. We had a bumpy boat ride in the straight between the islands which left us not feeling too good when we first arrived to the island. However, we quickly bounced back once we were on dry land again with ice cold water and solid footing. The island has a population of about 1,300 and is very laid back. I have to say it is a pleasant place to visit and having zero cars on the island is a major plus. The views are amazing and the little cafes dotting the beach were something out of a postcard. Yet again, nobody was trying to sell us hammocks, pottery or any souvenirs. We were left alone and only occasionally interrupted, the best way possible, with pleasant greetings. So, if seeing an occasional slow moving car around every 20 minutes or so proves too much for you, then staying on Little Corn might be perfect for you. Nicaragua has something special here and we hope they can manage to keep it this way.
    For the snorkeling portion of our trip we ventured off to the northern side of the island which has a large lagoon. The northern part of the island is protected by a barrier reef approximately 400 meters off shore. The reef limits the impact of waves hitting shore and provides a wonderful habitat for sea creature big and small. We swam with nurse sharks and several species of rays along with thousands of fish. One of the most beautiful things about the reef system are all the soft corals swaying in the currents. The Mesoamerican reef is almost 700 miles long, is only second in size to Australia's great barrier reef, and is home to many unique species. The damage done to this reef comes mostly from hurricanes that pile through this area from time to time. Corn Island diving lives up to its reputation, our visibility underwater was more than 60 feet, which made snorkeling delightful.

Eeny meeny miny moe, catch a shark by it's tail. Our boat guide asked me to flush the shark out for better viewing so I obliged. If you listen to the video about half way through you can faintly hear Sierra shrieking underwater, 25 feet about me, when I touched the shark.

50 plus foot visibility was wonderful on Little Corn island.

The reef was an oasis of life for the kids to see.

The girls saw at a moray eel and many fish species.

The soft corals gently swayed with the currents.

The reef looked healthy considering how many hurricanes come here. 
We enjoyed the underwater views.

A couple of spotted eagle rays swam by us.

Lots of fish were in the reef, which is a good sign.

A nurse shark around 30 feet deep. 

The main road on Little Corn is little more than a sidewalk.

Some of the restaurants had amazing views indeed.

A small cemetery on the island reminded me of Louisiana cemeteries.

Wonderful simple island home.

Yes, the water was that blue.

How's this for a beach house?

A meal with a view.

The kids chasing each other on the beach.

Our resident tree climber.

The girls found a swing, on a coconut tree, over the ocean.

Not all shipwrecks are under the sea.

One of the few family photos, from the vacation, that we have together.

Beautiful resort on the north end on Little Corn island.


  1. What a beautiful place to vacation. . . . .as if you are not already on one living in Granada. Gotta do this some day. Do you take a small plane from Granada or from Bluefields and then a boat? Have a blast!

  2. Plane from Managua to Bluefields than Corn. On the way back a small plane directly from Corn to Managua