Monday, October 31, 2016

Coyote ugly, Corn Island style

Well, let it not be said, that we don't have a knack for slipping into the action. The school teacher for the hotel owner's kids was celebrating her birthday party and we were invited to attend. Some of the kids, including ours, were dancing and having a great time. Then before you knew it, the owner's daughter hopped on the bar and shortly thereafter our girls joined her and started dancing to the music. The crowd enjoyed the kid's energy and above all it was adorable to see. No health inspector to shut down the barefoot fun. The owner's of the hotel were genuinely delighted to have us, especially our kids, join in their fun. Islands are small but their resident's hearts are big. Truly a lovely evening, and one, we shall not soon forget.

The girls listened for the beat then got into the groove.

Just like Coyote ugly, but island style. 

The girls danced for about a half hour and very much enjoyed the limelight. 

The kids danced while the band played.

Yes, those are my kids dancing on a bar, bare foot and having fun. No health department violation here, just happy people admiring the kiddo's bravery for dancing before an audience.

The girls had a break between songs.

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