Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pena Blancas border crossing, almost normal

We had to do the border run again as our 90 day visa was up. This time, crossing into Costa Rica was not as congested with undocumented migrants as the last time. We are not sure what happened to the asylum seekers but they were in large part gone from the border. The military on Nicaragua's side is still there but we never once felt unsafe. The whole process of doing the paper work took about an hour and twenty minutes. We parked our rental car down the end of a dirt road under a metal overhang. The street we turned on didn't have a name but was just before the Dollar Rent-A-Car. We paid 100 cords and would recommend this parking area to anyone driving to the border to renew their visas.
Addendum to original post with info on the asylum seekers:

The border guards are still checking the big rigs for people or contraband leading to long lines.

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