Sunday, October 23, 2016

Spirit Week at school

Spirit Week is one of those American traditions that took hold in Nicaragua. For the parents it means more work but for the kids it means a week of fun, food and activities. Each day of spirit week has some activities or dress-up and the last day of the week is a big picnic with games and activities. Crazy hair day is always popular with the kids and so too is super hero day. For me, the real super heroes are the moms after seeing how much extra they do for their children. Dads are super heroes too, but at the picnic, running around with the kids keeping the energy level high for the kids thereby allowing moms a little down time. Yes it appears the family dynamic is similar worldwide.  

Sierra's crazy hair.

Crazy hair, crazy girls. 

Zoe and Anais loved their crazy hair.

Superhero day.

The dads hanging with the kids at the picnic.

A couple of the many cool dads from school. Stef, on the left, is from Holland and has two kids enrolled in school. Matt, on the right, is from California and has three kids enrolled in school.

Zoe playing around with some of her friends.

Sierra playing around with some of her friends.

Watermelon eating challenge is always a favorite. 

The three leg challenge is much harder than it looks.

Is this balance the egg and walk or how can we spread germs the fastest? 

The teachers enjoying catching on life up outside of the campus.

The winners of the egg race face off in the final challenge.

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