Monday, October 31, 2016

Waking up in wonderland

As a family, we usually start our days pretty early. So when we go on beach vacations, we are usually some of the first people on the beach. On our second day, we awoke to overcast skies, slow moving breezes and no engine noise whatsoever. The morning felt good and as the time moved on we saw a group of people walk, fully clothed, into the ocean. It turned out to be a baptism for a few of the congregations faithful. The islanders, yet again, were warm and friendly without exception. Around 8 o'clock in the morning, the skies opened and it poured for about 40 minutes but eventually gave way to mostly sunny skies for the rest of the day. The sounds of nature chirping, mooing, barking, and neighing are all wonderful sounds to wake up to. But seeing the horses strolling along the beach, the starfish in the shallows, and the curious birds following us on the beach made it feel like we were waking up in wonderland.    

Sierra and Zoe like horses very much.

The horses appeared to like the beach as much as humans.

The kids are such good friends together.

A baptism occurred in the early morning hours. 

Sierra spotted starfish and hopped into the water with Zoe to investigate. 

The kids were playing in the torrential early morning rains.

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