Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mombacho cigars and gifts

After a long, sunny and tiring day at Laguna de Apoyo we decided to make a cigar run to Mombacho Cigar company. Only Lia, Sierra and I could muster the energy to go as Zoe and Elise were pooped. Mobacho Cigars are famous for their unique tobacco blends and handcrafted cigars. I don't usually smoke cigars but when I do I settle down for a puff with a brandy or scotch. In Nicaragua, the preferred drink of choice is rum, and the more aged the rum is, the better. Lia was buying high quality cigars for her family members back in the states so we enjoyed a couple glasses of rum while she shopped. I ended up smoking a lite cigar in the salon while Lia and Sierra browsed for gifts. Sierra just adores Lia, like an aunt, and watching Sierra take to such a wonderful role model, like Lia, is nice to see. Enjoying a very decent cigar and two glasses of rum was $4.50. Enjoying good times with a great friend and family, priceless. 

Sierra and Lia in the Mombacho cigar mansion

Sitting on the couch under various awards and accolades.

Sierra liked the hand painted rocking chair.

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