Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Alas the Spanish galleon was not to be

We had another unique morning but it wasn't the same as the first morning sensory overload. I think on the first morning, we were so bewildered by the beauty and nature that if you would have told us there were unicorns around the bend, we would have believed you. The oxen wandering the beach on the third morning were neat, but nothing like horses running along the beach and then staying just yards in front of us. As the sun rose, in the morning sky, we ventured off to the Waula point where the 400 year old Spanish galleon lays undisturbed in the waters around 200 meters off the coast. Okay, I am not a genius but the wreck which lies under a white buoy is more like 800 meters off the coast and was far too dangerous to snorkel from the shoreline with my kids. We spoke with some locals and they said the currents were strong and the baras (barracudas) were plenty, and did not recommend the swim. The Spanish galleon is there, which is a good thing, but our snorkel adventure was not to be this trip around. Sometime saying no for everyone's sake is the best decision a parent can make.
   We decided to wander off to Picnic Beach on the south end of the island instead. The waters were calm and turquoise blue. We enjoyed the time at the beach with some friends from Granada, that happened to be vacationing at the same hotel as us. We adults chatted while the kids played endlessly in the waters until lunch was served. Lunch was a seafood and coconut milk soup, comprised of lobster, conch, shrimp, mussels and fish, which knocked your socks off and only $10 for a huge bowl. The weather was wonderful and the beauty of the beach made up for not being able to see the Spanish galleon. The only vendors we saw the entire time were on picnic beach. A lady was selling homemade fruit pastry balls which we bought but did not eat, as we were full. There was also a man selling three huge conch shells for 6 dollars for all of them. Of course, we bought the shells for our kids, as a remembrance of our stay.

This dog's ear is permanently out of place from laying around so much :) 

Important info posted on a coconut tree.
We have become dog whispers on our vacations. They always follow us and keep trouble at bay.

They were mooing the grass :) 

Off of this point, 800 meters out, is the 400 year old undisturbed Spanish galleon.

Zoe walking through a settlement with a conch shell that she found.

As you can see, the two lane road is really the width of a single lane anywhere else.

It was as if we had the beach between a couple families.

This is paradise no matter how you try to slice it.

The kids liked the flat lagoon-like waters.

Fresh coconut water is the best.

My wife, relaxing in the calm waters with a mile wide smile.

We bought these three conch shells for $6 total and ended up giving one away.

A neighboring hotel with a wonderful playground.

Yours truly, at the boat bar, sampling some of their fermented beauties.

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