Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bursting good time

This is Mike...
We finally got house guests and were so excited to do cool things with them. We had a wonderful dinner out, enjoyed cocktails and good conversation. The kids played crazy hard until they passed out. Life was good, real good. Then, at 2:30am, while in my deepest of deepest slumbers, there was a knock on our bedroom door. It was Lia quietly asking, "Hey Mike, sorry to bother you but is the house supposed to be full of water?" At that moment, I went from dreaming about my version of Planet of the Apes, to reality.
    Elise and I got up and were amazed that our kitchen and sala (living room) were indeed under 2 inches of warm muddy water. Part of me wanted to throw my hands in the air, say "F this" and turn around and go back to bed but it was a serious issue and tons of water was still gushing out of the walls. Of course, this only happens when the house is packed with 9 people. Of course this only happens in the middle of the night during my lobotomy hour. We tried pushing the water out of the house with brooms and mops until we realized the leak was only reducible but not stoppable. We did what any other people would do, we made all the phone calls we could and promptly we went back to bed and tried in vain, to sleep.
   Over our wet-footed breakfast we decided that the best course of action for the day was to go to a local hotel and enjoy their pool facilities and stay there as long as possible. The water leak was eventually fixed but the damage to the 150 year old interior adobe wall will take time to repair especially since it needs time to dry out. It turned out that a pressure reducing valve blew and two pipes, one in the Sala and one in the kitchen, burst. Thankfully our guests are top-notch and totally understand our situation. In fact, the kids loved playing in the living room full of water on an inflatable shark and splashing in the water. I knew I was over my head when I gave up trying to keep anything clean. Lia asked if I was stressed out. I looked at her and said, "I am totally overwhelmed, totally overwhelmed!" We both laughed, after all, what could you do?
   The women and kids ended up making the most of the experience at the hotel by hand-making chocolate drinks and chocolate bars while Elise got a massage. I on the other hand, mostly remained at the house during the repairs. I did eventually join them at the hotel, right around happy hour, which was very needed. I guess you could say we had a bursting good time during their first night staying with us.   

The adobe wall has a lot of hidden damage that will take time to repair.

Slip-n-slide Nicaragua style.

I put this note up to warn the kids of possible electrical danger.

The kids swept the water right out of the house on to the street.

Playing in the water after hours of trying to remove it.

Hard working team.

Chocolate making class.

Crazy good time making chocolate the "old way"

Ahhh, chocolate finger coming at me, run!

Playing with a turtle in the hotel gardens.

Chase getting ready to grind the chocolate.

Smashing the chocolate with liquid.

Getting ready to make cacao drink.

Toasting the cacao beans.

The kids chilling with their coconuts.

Enjoying the pool during an otherwise very challenging day.

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  1. Well, that’s one day you, your family and your guests won’t forget in a hurry. But it goes to show how real positive thinking can turn a bad situation into one that will be remembered in a good way (now that your leak has been fixed). Loved the photos of your family getting to work with the brushes!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing