Thursday, June 2, 2016

Paddy wagon

This is Mike...
A Nicaraguan paddy wagon is basically a public display and shaming vehicle. Usually when we see these guys drive by with prisoners I don't have a camera or I don't see them in time to take a picture. Well, today I saw an empty paddy wagon and had to take a picture anyway. Simply put, public shaming in small towns is still an effective crime deterrent over here. It reminded me of judge Boyd Mossman back on Maui in the 80's and 90's. Judge Mossman made criminals hold signs up on busy intersections detailing their crimes. Though controversial, it worked and at judge Mossman's retirement party, after 3 decades of service, the first and last person he sentenced was there, thanking him for getting them straight. I wonder if parading criminals in the paddy wagon does the same thing? Not sure, but goes to show how witnessing things at a younger age, like criminals holding signs on Maui, always sticks with you.

Not the Uber taxi ride you want.

The shuttle ride to cheap accommodations.


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