Thursday, June 2, 2016

So hot that the Devil called it quits

This is Mike...
I have been joking with friends and family about the heat in Granada. I usually draw giggles when I say, It's so hot here that the Devil left town, and as he was leaving he looked over his shoulder and said, "Last person to leave Granada don't forget to turn off the lights." Well, as they say, in every joke lies a grain of truth. It has been excruciatingly hot here for the last month and a half. We realize that we came during the dry season, and in a drought, but come on, this heat is like living in a sweat-lodge. Let me clarify just how hot it is and the un-escape-ability of it; we live in an open air house and the only A/C we have are in the bedrooms. Which means we are basically glamping by most people's standards.  Yeah there is a pool but what good does that do when the kitchen is 99 degrees while cooking a meal?
   Because I start sweating at 6am and don't stop sweating until bedtime I have been reduced to making a tough decision. Though I tried not to, I finally cut my locks. My curls, my beautiful thick curls had to get trimmed for my fricken sanity. The prolonged heat was ruining my mood and making me grumpy. I did not cut my hair short, just shorter to help get a breeze on my neck. I was so over having beads of sweat drip from the tip of my nose all day long that something had to be done.
   Coincidentally, after I got my hair cut two things happened, I got cooler and the city got cooler too. It turns out the rains are now beginning in earnest and the temperatures have cooled significantly. In fact, this evening was our coolest yet. Is this Murphy's Law, Nicaragua style? Whether by chance or by fate, it finally cooled a bit and sweet mercy this 86 degree evening feels good, really really good.

Had to laugh at the hair clips

A mug only a mom could love :)


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