Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The after party

This is Mike...
Since the play finished in the early evening we decided to tag along with some other parents and students to Tip-Top, Granada's answer to Chick-fil-A. While walking to Tip-Top we passed some street performers on the Calzada which energized the kids. We can finally say our girls made breakthroughs getting to know some of the kids and none of us wanted the night to end early. Friendships for both Sierra and Zoe are starting to formulate now and for Elise and I, it is a relief to see. The girls screamed their way through the playscape and ate their brains out at Tip-Top. The adults enjoyed it as well because Tip-Top serves ice cold beer in an air conditioned atmosphere. We said, "What the heck, the adults should have some fun too, right?"


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