Sunday, June 12, 2016

Zwei Dirndls und eine Abschlussfeier

This is Mike...
The title above reads, in German "Two dresses and a graduation ceremony." It is a fitting title, as our girls wore Bavarian Dirndls (dresses) to their graduation ceremony which was held at the historic Palacio de la Cultura, Granada. We are so proud of our girls and their accomplishments. They walked through old town to the palace, yes to the palace, in their Dirndls. Traffic slowed down to look at them, and nearly every woman who glanced at our daughters gave their smiles of approval as we passed by. Nicaraguans are so sweet and have no problem affectionately smiling and welcoming us and made our daughters feel like princesses on their journey to the palace.
   As for the ceremony, the wind gently blew off lago Colcibolca through Granada town making for a comfortable evening. The Palace itself, as one might expect, is stately and must have felt enormous for all of the children. To make it more personal, each grade performed a skit like dancing, or singing for the parents. Since the class sizes are small, anywhere from 7 to 14 students, the event was far more intimate then anything we experienced before. I was taking pictures and as fate would have it my iPhone battery died during the ceremony. Such is life, at least I was there to see it with my own eyes though.
   For the blog followers who are planning a trip in the future with little ones I totally encourage you to bring a fun outfit for your kids wear. Locals, no matter where you go, will appreciate the outfits more than you will ever realize. After all, most of the world lives for the moment and any joy you or your children can bring them will be appreciated.

Ready for a night out on the town.

My daughters are growing up so fast.

As we walked to the palace Elise and I stayed back, allowing the girls to shine on their own. The traffic (pictured above) came to a standstill with local women admiring our daughters outfits. The Dirndls were truly a major hit in town

Lots of happy families for the graduation ceremonies

Pre K kids had some extra help getting ready.

Sierra's teacher speaking about the school

Zoe's teacher helping some of the pre K children.

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